Friday, March 30

Tea > water

Black tea
- reduces risk of heart attacks, strokes and death from cardiovascular disease i women
- can prevent clogged arteties, improve blood vessle functionioning
- lowers blood pressure
- fights cavities

White tea
- destroys over 80 percent of viruses withing 10 minutes
- aids in cancer prevention

Green tea
- destroys cancer cells
- slows spread of breast cancer and protects smokers from lung cancer
- raises your metabolic rate and burns more calories
- read more about benefits of drinking green tea

The last but not least - tea counts towards your daily water intake. I've been drinking a lot of tea lately because it tastes much better than water (let's be honest, water is boring and it's almost impossible to drink over 2 litres of it every day). A cup of tea is always fun to drink even when you don't add sugar in it (which I haven't done for year!) and you can get like ten billion various flavours. Water only have one.

Do you drink tea? What is your favourite type of tea? Do you prefer fruit tea or 'basic' green/white/black tea?
(I'm also planning on a post about my favourite types of tea one day.)


Joanna said...

So glad you commented on my blog, because it allowed me to find yours! I love the whole concept of your blog :) I absolutely love tea. Heavy tea drinker right here.. not that that's a legitimate term or anything :p My favourite type of tea is green tea. I religiously drink it. xx

Kayla said...

I work at a tea shop so I know all about this :) We should follow each other!

Cate.B said...

i love this post! nice pics!

Coco said...

think I'm one of the biggest tea-lovers <3

Angelina Ballerina said...

áno ale piť skutočný čaj, sypaný z obchodu s čajmi :)

a zelený nelúhovať viac než 2 minúty, lebo potom sa z neho začnú uvoľnovať toxíny

BlondeMuse said...

I don't drink tea, because I don't like hot drinks except for hot chocolate hehe. I love to drink water to I don't mind :-) xo

Michelle said...

I'm jumping on the heavy-tea drinker label too! Heheh. A nice cup of tea is always good for a relaxing occasion :) At home I usually drink either fruit-, earl grey- or english breakfast tea from pickwick. Haven't got around to buy a press pot yet, but soon ! At my friend's place we always get all sorts of tea and the press pot just makes wonder :)

Aimee said...

I love black tea! I had no idea that tea isn't only delicious, but healthy as well! good to know :)

Redheaded Daybook said...

i need to start drinking tea. i just dont like the taste of flavored hot water i think. but its so good for you!

Redheaded Daybook said...

ps. youre too adorable! im your newest follower :)