Friday, March 2

Is it just me, or..?

wake up: exhausted
9 am: a headache
12 am: exhausted
3 pm: fucking exhausted
5 pm: really fucking exhausted
7 pm: about to pass out
bed time: the energy of 5 million condensed suns

I am really looking forward to spring, have no idea why actually but I really am... and I know it's only Friday evening but I have to constantly think of all the tests I'm writing next week at school.. I'm so happy it'll be the last week before a week off. Spring break, please come fast.


diamond-tears said...

ich danke dir :)

Sierra said...

Oh my goodness....that is SOOO totally me! lol Thanks for visiting my blog...I've been looking at yours & it's pretty neat! :)

Christy said...

haha you are the quintessential night person. i'm like that too!