Saturday, February 25

New beginnings beg for new facilities

Hello everyone, welcome to my new blog! It's like 20th blog I have ever started & I promise that it's the very last one. I'd like to focus on posting health and fitness tips, motivational quotes and other things that have started being my guilty pleasures recently.

I'll rather skip the part with explaining the blog name and title, what does it mean and why have I decided to use it. It's just a Danish phrase. Not really polite.. however, I'd asked a couple of Danes if it was not too much and they told me to go for it, so why not?

What's new, you ask? Ughh.. nothing? Except the fact that I've started training again, just a little workout session every day and during the first days it was almost too much for someone who was completely off for over 5 months. Getting back on track is so damn frustrating, I wish I never needed another injury ever again. It has been 34 days since I started working out again and trust me, nothing can out-weight the feeling of working out hard and burning all the stress in a gym. Happiness overload.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the smile, Susanne ! The new blog name is quite funny in my eyes, specially considering the focus of your blog - but I still like it :) I guess you have your reason for picking that name? One thing... how much Danish do you actually understand? Can you read our blog without problems? Just curious :)

Susanne said...

@Michelle first and foremost, the blog name describes my personality so thats it ;)

and (sadly) I do not understand much of your blog to be honest, but I know a bit of both Danish and German..and along with photos, its not that difficult to get the point of your posts :)

Sheena said...

ahhhh and now I see, that my sister have been here before me. Your blog is really interesting, i really like it :-) Hope all goes well with your training!