Sunday, February 26

20 before 20

I have posted this on my previous blog about a year ago so some of the goals are already ticked off. Sadly, there is also one that will not be done.

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I love lists and while they have got a sence, I love them even more. I have decided to create this for me to see what were my priorities when I were younger plus I am very competitive and I would like to see if my goals  are achievable. I have also tried to make this clear for you (later for me too) and added a little comment to the most of my goals. Enjoy!

I want, need or wish..

one - learn to speak German fluently
I have wanted to write Danish instead of German at first but it will hopefully come hand in hand.

two - graduate
A duty.

three - visit Danmark
No matter when, no matter with who, no matter for how long time but I seriously want to go there.

four - see another 150 ice-hockey games
I wish I could have known how many games I have seen in my life. I am not afraid to say the number would probably be close to a thousand. I would like to see a hundred live games plus fifty games on TV (cause it really depends on how well the team does and I have no idea how many games will be possible to see in following seasons). If all of 150 games were seen live, I wouldn´t mind.

five - win a giveaway - done
I have joined like a billion of them and never won a single one. Would be nice.

six - read a hundred more books
I have been writing a list of books I have read for a year now but I would like to create another one that will list all of books that I will read since now. I want the number of items to reach a hundred before I am 20.

seven - meet a person I admire
I dont want to say a name of a ceratin person, once I will meet the real one, I will check this as done.

eight - record my own short movie
I am really interested in making one!

nine - visit Russia and learn to speak Russian
I am eager to make this come true. Probably my most favourite item on the list.

ten - visit five countries I have not visited yet

eleven - sell some of my stuff online
I have never been selling anything throught the internet and I would like to try.

twelve - live a week without being mad at anyone
I am never ever gonna do this, lol.

thirteen - write an article published in a magazine/newspaper
No, my tweet that has been published in The Calgary Journal does not count.

fourteen - stop eating too much
I look like a hippo already, ugh.

fifteen - spend 48 hours without sleeping

sixteen - donate to a charity
I am very selfish but this is a thing I want to do.

seventeen - host a giveaway - done

eighteen - travel abroad on my own
My secret dream.

nineteen - have over 300 followers
I have been blogging since I was 11 or so and I would really like to see that I am not writing my blog only for myself.

twenty - reach the age of 20 without any diseases - I wish :/
According to the fact that I have not been feeling very well lately and I am really worried about my health.


Natalie - said...

I would also love to learn a foreign language fluently - and I need to sell some stuff online! Good luck with your list! It's good have a goals x

Georgi said...

what an inspiring list of goals!

Lovely blog, could you check out mine? I am new to blogging!

Sheena said...

ah Susanne, I dont understand. Your blog-name is in danish, but you're not a Dane? .. So where are you actually from and why do you have such an interest in going to Denmark? I think you should come :-) I would love to show you around Aarhus!!